Upwork 101: How to Build Your Profile

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For clients, Upwork is a search engine. What most freelancers never realize is how to rank in that search engine so they get noticed in the first place. In this course, I’ll show you how to build a profile that not only persuades clients, but helps you rank higher in searches so you get noticed and hired.


Course Type: Video Downloads
Lectures: 9
Runtime: 1 hours 56 minutes
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In this course, I’m going to share my tips for building an Upwork profile. We’ll walk through the strategy I recommend if you’re brand new to Upwork, how to get traction when you have no portfolio or job history, how Upwork’s search algorithms work, what clients are really looking for when hiring a freelancer and a bunch more.

The goal is for you to have a complete profile that puts your best foot forward for getting work on Upwork and sharing with you what I learned freelancing on Upwork for several years.

Here’s the lessons you’re getting:

  1. Rank Higher Than You Should Master Strategy
  2. Create Your Profile Picture
  3. Write Keyword-Rich Title and Tags
  4. How to Write a Believable Overview
  5. Record an Profile Video The Easy Way (Optional)
  6. Create a Portfolio Even Without Previous Client Work
  7. About Tests, Certifications, Employment History, Etc.
  8. Class Project: Build Your Upwork Profile

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