Responsive Web Design 101


Bootstrap is great. But, what happens when it just won’t do what you need it to? Or, you want to push its limits to create something that’ll get you attention and praise. In this course, you’ll learn pure responsive web design without the frameworks so you can create mobile-responsive websites that’ll get you noticed and hired.


Responsive Web Desgin 101 is the simplest way to learn responsive design even if you’re brand new. Download our videos and learn anytime, anywhere on your favorite devices.

Here’s the lessons you’re getting:

  • What Is Responsive Web Design?
  • The Fluid Grid
  • The Liquid Layout
  • The Combo Layout
  • Mastering Media Queries
  • Dealing With Dynamic Widths
  • Floats Demystified
  • Responsive Images
  • Practical Exercise: Build a Fluid Grid
  • Practical Exercise: Build a Liquid Layout
  • Practical Exercise: Build a Combo Layout


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