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A PDO-based database class that uses prepared statements and is “agnostic” so you can drop it into virtually any project and it’ll just work. The download includes the single file containing the class.


I’m not big on re-inventing the wheel. If I can find something that already does what I need it to, I’ll just simply use it so I can spend more time with my family and doing things I enjoy (and playing video games).

So, when people get into these long debates on PDO vs MySQLi and calling each other “noobs” and writing 3000-word forum posts, etc, etc…

I just kind of chuckle.

Awhile back, I just sat down and wrote two database classes… one for PDO and one for MySQLi… and “boom” I was done. I didn’t have to think about it anymore. I just drop one or the other class into my projects and away I go.

Anyway, that’s what this is. It’s the PDO class I wrote.

If you’re like me and not big on re-inventing the wheel, you can grab it for a few bucks and just start using it in your projects. Or, if you want to go through it to learn how I wrote, you can do that, too.

It’s a full CRUD database with everything you need and use prepared statements to keep things secure so no hassle there. It’s “agnostic”… so, it can be dropped into virtually any project and just work. And, it’s modular so you can actually connect to multiple databases using the same class if you need/want to.

What you actually get is the single file containing the class. Pretty simple.

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